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SDC Webinar Series – Natural Dyes/Alternative Dyes

The use of alternative colorants for textiles can take many forms. This session looks primarily at the historical source of natural dyes from plants and some animals. How is the interest growing and becoming a bulk production reality both from a design and application sense but also form a supply perspective. Also introduced were some exciting research into some potential alternative sources from the sea.  

Jackie Andrews– Udall – The Dyers Circle

Jessica Gianotti – Crubag


Recording date 9/11/2022 

SDC Webinar Series – Localisation in the textile market – socio economic impact

Textile processing always has socio economic impacts due to is size and where production sits. This session highlighted how small scale local initiatives based around textiles can make a difference and be part of the change for good to counterbalance the negative aspects of textiles often portrayed in the media. What role will localisation have in the future of textiles? 

Sam Erahapola – Chairman National crafts council of Sri Lanka

Rashmi Bharti – Avani

Nawshin Khair Creative Director, Aranya

Recording date 3/11/22

SDC Webinar Series – Dyeing and finishing, the innovation

New innovation in dyeing and finishing is high on the list of topics covered in social media but why are we looking at innovations now, what is available and how are these being brought to market. What are the challenges associated with new technology and should the initial push be for all processors to us optimised techniques to maximise profits and minimise environmental impacts.

Fashion For Good – Jana van Den Bergen Innovation Associate  

Mills Fabrica – Nikita Jayasuriya, General Manager of Europe 

Colorifix – Jim Ajioka, Chief Scientific Officer and Dave Callaghan, Head of Coloration Division 

Alchemie – Thomas Blythe, Director of Business Development

Recording Date 2/11/2022

SDC Webinar Series – Dyeing and Finishing, a safe sustainable process?

Wet processing of textiles is viewed as being the most polluting part of the process with generalised figures of water usage and harmful chemicals being exploited to paint a bad picture. While this can’t be denied in some sectors there is much work being done within the industry from a company level and through third party accreditations this made for a very positive session. 

The four expert speakers were 

Rob Andrews CCol ASDC, Fabric and Product Compliance Manager, River Island 

Prasad Pant – South Asia Director, ZDHC Foundation 

Lee Howarth – Global Key Account Manager, Archroma  

John Murphy CCol FSDC – Technical Director Europe, Hohenstein

Recording Date 27/10/2022

SDC Webinar Series – Sustainability and Circularity a manufacturer’s view

The SDC Webinar Series


Tim Clark, Technical Director, John Smedley, UK  

Jane Middleton Smith, Archivist, John Smedleys  

Leonie Vaas – Manager Sustainability and Innovations Manager Sustainability and Innovations, Hayleys Fabric PLC  

Moderator – Claire Lerpiniere – Senior Lecturer – Textile Design, De Montfort University, Leicester

Recording Date 26/10/2022

SDC Webinar Series – Fibres and their sustainable and environmental issues.

The three expert speakers were Meriel Chamberlin CCol ASDC, Founder of Full Circle Fibres, Anna Bateman of The Microfibre Consortium (TMC) and Phil Patterson, managing director of Colour Connections textile consultancy. The session looked at how the industry is tackling the environmental impact of fibres, and explored recent research. 

Recording Date 20/10/2022