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ASDC Textile Printing


This course will provide you with background and knowledge relating to textile printing. It will cover process methodology, including traditional mechanical techniques, as well as digital ink jet technology.

This course contains scientific content and is prepared and delivered by Antony Morton on behalf of the Society of Dyers and Colourists. Valuable technical discussion and collaboration with leading experts from within the textile printing industry and from the University of Leeds – Stephen Westland (Professor of Colour Science and Technology), Muriel Rigout (Associate Professor of Textile Printing and Design), Samantha Pugh (Associate Professor in STEM Education, department of Physics) – is kindly acknowledged.

It is important for you to understand the different fibre types available (natural and synthetic) and use the lessons and topics that you learn here to understand the different requirements associated with the printing of these fibres.

The following publication is available to you to help with some of the specific terms and definitions encountered within coloration industries.

  1. The SDC publication “Colour terms and definitions”

To fully appreciate the coloration of all textile fibres there is a need to understand the physical, chemical, thermal and optical properties of fibres in general. The following 4 documents provide this background information that you should refer to during your study. These documents are also useful reference material.

  1. General Physical and Mechanical properties of Fibres
  2. Mechanical properties of Fibres
  3. Thermal properties of Fibres
  4. Optical properties of Fibres

Extracts from some of the recommended texts as well as articles from Coloration Technology are made available to students in the lessons.

In the following lectures, commercial names are provided. This does not imply superiority of commercial products but is intended to serve only as an example. Similarly, whilst aspects relating to application procedures are presented, these are intended as being representative of typical application conditions only and are not intended to be employed for practical printing.


As part of every course we might make use of external links, such as YouTube or Wikipedia. Please note that the SDC is not responsible for the content of any external web link.

How did I get here? – webinar

The SDC Webinar Series


  • Eimear Noonan Treacy – Print designer, H&M Kids
  • Erika Benz – Senior Manager Materials Footwear, Environmental Sustainability, Adidas
  • Laura Aldous – Trend Editor at

Recording Date: 24 September 2020

There is more to Colour Measurement than just CIE L*a*b* – webinar

The SDC Webinar Series

Speaker: Matt Russell is International Sales Manager – Colour, The Tintometer Ltd. He is a colour control expert with over 20 years’ experience of solving problems all around the globe. Matt has a BSc (Honours), Chemistry from the University of Manchester, an MSc in Textile Design Technology and Design Management, UMIST (now University of Manchester). He has worked for a number of companies related directly to the Colour Measurement Industry including GretagMacbeth, X-Rite and The Tintometer Ltd.

Recording Date: 30th June 2020

Dyeing with GOTS – An Organic Perspective – webinar

The SDC Webinar Series

Speaker: Mr. Sumit Gupta, CCol, ASDC, Deputy Director Standards Development & Quality Assurance at Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Besides other responsibilities, he is involved in setting the criteria for the standard for approval of chemical inputs as well as wet processing of organic textiles. He has been in the industry for 12 years in various roles for Eco-Fashion, RSL, Chemical Compliance, Sustainability Management, Social Compliance, Technical Certifications, Eco-Labels, Content Marketing and Consulting. He has been supporting SDC activities in India and is a former Trustee of SDC Education Charity, India.

Recording date: 16th June 2020