ASDC Chemistry of Colorants

Part of the suite of courses which make up the ASDC professional qualification.

Start date October 2024

Exam Date May 2025

Below are a full list of lessons and topics that are covered in this course.

Each lesson and subsequent topics are available from the dates shown to allow you time to complete the lessons.

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A useful booklet on How to navigate colour network can be downloaded.

Recommended reading for this course are the following

An Introduction to Textile Coloration: Principles and Practice – Ed. Roger H Wardman, publisher SDC

Reactive Dyes for Textile Fibres – Ed. Hunter M Renfrew, publisher SDC

Colorants and Auxiliaries (2nd Edition), Vol 1 and 2 – Ed. John Shore, publisher SDC


This lesson will cover some of the basic principles of colour as a revision before introducing new concepts important in the field of the Chemistry of Colorants.

The start of this course is the Welcome which will guide you through the various ways in which you can enhance your learning by navigating the site, how you can manage your time and how to best revise and prepare for examinations.

The outcomes from this course will allow you to identify key features and compare key features between different classifications of colorants.

To be able to do this you have to recognise and understand the classification systems used in the industry. The first lessons are therefore an introduction to the Colour Index. You will have been given a username and password to the Colour Index. It is important that you use the content within the web site to further your knowledge about the classification systems.

A list of Chemistry of Colorants keys terms and definitions is available by clicking the link that highlights the term Chemistry of Colorants key terms and definitions. Throughout the lessons and topics you will see such hyperlinks to transcripts of the lessons and further reading and useful information to improve your knowledge. This will include exerts from key publications and may also include links to external sites that can offer further insights into the topics that are being covered.

Where possible it will be useful to download all available documents and create a folder for yourself. The documents will always be available within the course but for quick reference the creation of a portfolio is a good idea.

Throughout the course you will find references to books and we will indicate which it would be useful to buy for this course and where they are available from.


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