What is Student Support?

All students embarking on a course of study should be given the opportunity to maximise their achievements and this is facilitated in two ways:

1. Academically, with outstanding quality of content delivery, progress monitoring and feedback.

2. Pastorally, by providing a student centered approach to the holistic side of teaching and learning.

The pastoral support offered to students alongside their academic studies is provided by supportive and approachable tutors, special educational needs provision, mitigating circumstances consideration, learning agreements and a ‘Relearn to Learn’ programme.

Special Educational Needs Provision

The SDC welcomes students with a variety of educational needs. Simple interventions such as ‘buff’ presentation slides and modified examination papers are common-place and individual learning plans can be drawn up where necessary.

Download a copy here.

Mitigating Circumstances Consideration

Often, students may experience circumstances beyond their control, such as illness or bereavement, which can have an adverse effect on their education. The SDC have processes which students, tutors and mentors, where necessary, should follow where necessary, which is laid down in the Mitigating Circumstances Policy below.

The policy details various circumstances which would be considered for mitigation, the procedure and alink tohte application form. All students are provided with a copy, and explanation, of the document at the commencement of each course.

Download a copy here.

Three-Way Learning Agreement

This is a document signed by the student, tutor and line-manager (or mentor) which details the roles each party agree to play in maximising the progress and attainment of that student.

Download a copy here. A student specific document wil be sent prior to the start of the course.

Relearn to Learn

In appreciation of the fact that many students have been ‘out of the classroom’ for some time, the SDC provides a bespoke ‘Relearn to Learn’ programme It comprises a series of lectures and online activities, designed to help identify key personal learning and thinking skills and consider ways of overcoming barriers to learning , such as balancing studying with work and home life.