ASDC Colour Physics – Science and Application

Part of the suite of courses which make up the ASDC professional qualification.

Start date October 2024

Exam Date May 2025

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Course Covers:
  • The fundamental principles behind colour and vision
  • Practical aspects of Colour Physics as used for colour communication

This course will cover some of the basic principles of colour as a revision before introducing new concepts important in the field of Colour Physics.

Course Content

Lessons Status

0.0 ASDC Colour Physics – Welcome


1.0 ASDC Colour Physics – The Nature of Light


2.0 ASDC Colour Physics – The Mechanisms of Human Colour Vision


3.0 ASDC Colour Physics – Illuminants


4.0 ASDC Colour Physics – Colour Order Systems


5.0 ASDC Colour Physics – Colorimetry and Colour Specification Systems


6.0 ASDC Colour Physics – Colour Difference


7.0 ASDC Colour Physics – Nature of Light 2


8.0 ASDC Colour Physics – Colour Measurement Instruments


9.0 ASDC Colour Physics – Application of Colour Measurement Instruments (Textiles)