What is the Colour Network?

The SDC Colour Network is your gateway to learning more about coloration from areas of interest to courses through to professional qualifications. From early learning through to the equivalent qualification to a UK Honours Degree.

The content is available on computers, tablets and smartphones allowing you to learn wherever your are, at work or on the bus.

The learning experience is through videos, accessible reading material, tests and quizzes and provides access to:

  1. The largest online colour learning platform available
  2. The Society of Dyers and Colourists and its network of experts and professionals in the coloration industry
Content on the Colour Network is either:

  1. Free and openly available
  2. Paid for content which requires you or your company to enrol and create an account for a course and access the content.


Join the network - individual

Joining the network and entering your details allows you to take courses and monitor your progress as you go.

The colour network gives you the freedom to learn in your own time, wherever you want.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Click ‘Join the Network’ and enter your details to gain access to the largest online colour learning platform available.
  • Browse through a range of free and paid for courses and content.
  • To choose a course, simply add it to your basket.
  • Then go to your shopping basket to checkout. (If you haven’t joined the network already, you will be prompted to do so).
  • Free courses are labelled as £0. You will still need to complete the checkout process to access free courses, but you will not be charged anything.
  • Once you have completed the checkout process, your course and related materials will be available in ‘My Account’.
  • Take the course and monitor your progress as you go.
  • Log in and out of the network at any time and easily pick up where you left off.