1.0.7 Revision and Examination Strategies: An Idiot’s Guide


The presentation you are about to watch gives simple advice for students taking examinations at any level. The strategies are always the same and the outcomes will always be better if you use them. There is no voice-over on the presentation as what is says needs no further explanation but if, as the author, I had to emphasise one single piece of advice it would be to revise the things you DON’T know … there is a wonderful ‘feel good’ factor which comes from revising things you do know but, unfortunately, this can mask the necessity to ‘bite the bullet’ and do the hard stuff, the stuff which you really need to grit your teeth over and focus on until you achieve an understanding. The positive thing about doing this, not with-standing that it will get you better marks in the exams, is that you achieve an even better ‘feel good factor’ than before because you really have made progress. Finally, looking back at the learning strategies because, of course, you absolutely focused on those didn’t you?…. Use your tutors and peers for help with concepts you find difficult: there is no feel good factor to be gained from banging your head against a brick wall.

Revision and Exam Strategies.