1.0.1 Reading Lists


Reading is an important part of the learning process and underlies many of the courses provided by the SDC. Reading lists form an essential part of this, allowing academics to guide students to relevant material to support their studies.

Within the courses we will provide some sections of the books mentioned, as PDFs in the lessons and topics. This list may be updated at times during your course so keep coming back to check and make sure you have the necessary reading material to succeed.

Here is the ASDC reading list provided as a PDF. This is downloadable and printable, most PDFs are.

PDFs also open in a separate window so you can use these when taking quizzes to check your answers.

We will also provide papers from Coloration Technology such as this article from 1994 on Numerical Problems in Colour Physics.

We will also use external sources and provide links to web pages which will be shown more in the coming topics.

We can also ask for assignments on various topics. A document must be uploaded for the course to continue. For this excercise please upload any word or pdf document and you will move on to the next topic.

In this instance this has been set to be auto approved, we are also able to set this to be approved by a tutor in which case only when marked can the next topic be accessed with permission from the tutor.