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Textile Coloration Certificate

Course Description

The Textile Coloration Certificate (TCC) reveals the fundamental processes and scientific principles behind the coloration of textiles. Learners from diverse educational and experiential levels can begin this course and leave with the knowledge and understanding to develop their dyeing skills.

This 2 year course provides the perfect stepping stone to our UK Hons degree level Associateship of the Society of Dyers and Colourists (ASDC)

The prospectus provides further details of the costs and benefits available to students and employers wishing to take part in this course.

For employers: a method to educate and create the future experts of the coloration industry to ensure that your business and the industry is in safe hands.

For students: a virtual learning platform providing the opportunity to develop specific knowledge and skills. You will have access to the network of members around the world and can build your own peer groups that will be vital in your future careers.


Course Covers:
  • Advanced learning in textile coloration principles and processes.
  • Online lectures allowing learners to interact with the tutor and fellow learners.
  • Day residential sessions to develop practical skills and support learning.
  • The foundation required to move on to our professional ASDC qualification.

Core Courses

T4 Coloration Processes 2

paint image

T1 Coloration Processes 1

paint image

Course Description – Chemistry of Colorants and Auxiliary Chemicals

To extend and deepen understanding of the Chemistry of colorants and auxiliary chemicals.

To provide the student with an opportunity to thoroughly understand the underlying theories of colorant and auxiliary chemistry, their nomenclature and structure.
Course Covers

  • The Classification of Colorants
  • Basic principles of colour formation
  • Basic principles of chemical formulas
  • Theoretical basis for practical applications
  • Everything needed to study for the ASDC Colour Physics examinations

Course Content

Course Welcome
Colour Classification
Colour and Chemical Constitution
Chemical Class
Application Class
Sources of Dyes

T4 Coloration Processes 2 available March 2020 More Info
T1 Coloration Processes 1 available March 2021 More Info

Non-core Courses

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

T5 Colour Physics available March 2020 More Info
T6 Dyeing Theory available March 2020 More Info
T2 Textile Chemistry available March 2021 More Info
T3 Printing available March 2021 More Info
Why study this course?

Intermediate learning in the principles and processes of textile coloration and is the ideal foundation to move on to our professional ASDC qualification.

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