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Principles of Printed Textiles – webinar series

Course Description

The webinar focused on printed textiles along with the key criteria required for defining best fabric bases, colour specifications, production principles and points to be noted when fabric is submitted for bulk.

It also gave a brief overview of dyestuff classes for printing as well as associated fibre groups and looked at basic printing methods and the machinery required for printing process.

In this webinar Pat Hardcastle and Trevor Larkins shared their experience and best practice working with print.


The presentation is followed by a Q&A.

This is one of a series of webinars covering all aspects of textiles and coloration.

Of general interest they also provide SDC recognised CPD hours and certification.


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Course Covers:
  • Understanding best practices for specifying print requirements
  • Knowing importance of using definitive shade standards for consistency and speed to market
  • Learning the technical criteria needed for approving and communicating strike offs and bulk production
  • Knowing dyestuffs currently used in printing practice
  • Understanding the importance of the right Fibre/Dyestuff combinations for printing
  • Learning differing machinery used in the print process
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Why study this course?

This webinar provides and opportunity to learn from one of the world’s renowned experts on this topic and gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge.

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£20 + VAT

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