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Natural Dyes/Alternative Dyes – SDC webinar

Course Description

The sixth in the SDC’s new Sustainability Series. Covering innovations and history. How alternative dyes are created from differing sources and research into new methods.

The use of alternative colorants for textiles can take many forms. This session looks primarily at the historical source of natural dyes from plants and some animals. How is the interest growing and becoming a bulk production reality

Date Wednesday November 9th 2022

Chairman Dr Mohsin CCol ASDC, Chairman & Professor, Department of Textile Engineering at UET, Lahore 

Jackie Andrews– Udall – The Dyers Circle

Jessica Gianotti – Crubag

The presentation is followed by a Q&A.

This is one of a series of webinars covering all aspects of textiles and coloration.

Of general interest they also provide SDC recognised CPD hours and certification.

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Course Covers:
  • The history of natural dyes throughout the ages
  • New innovations in the alternative dye sphere
  • How to scale-up natural/alternative dyes for large production models
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£20 + VAT

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