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Introduction to Colour

Course Description

Colour surrounds us and yet it is a complex subject. We use basic language to describe colour and that is a problem if we are involved in industries where it is important to really determine and communicate colour.

This short course will provide you with the basic concepts enabling you to work more effectively. It will build skills and confidence in those who deal with colour as part of their job.

This course will enhance:

  • Communication and decision-making skills
  • Understanding of concepts

Who should attend

If you work with colour in the textile industry then this course is relevant to you.

The course is aimed at individuals or companies to further their knowledge about the basic aspects of colour in the supply chain.

Learning outcomes

  • Define colour and communicate it using recognised language
  • Explore colour perception: the light, colour, eye, brain relationship
  • Apply the knowledge gained to colour matching and standardisation in the industry

On completion of this course you will able to communicate the properties of colour having made appropriate assessments.

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Course Covers:
  • Light - what it is and how it affects colour
  • Additive and Subtractive Colour
  • Reflection and colour
  • The language of Colour - how we can better communicate the differences in colour
  • Controlling the Colour we see
  • Metamerism and Colour Constancy
£60 + VAT
Why study this course?
  • Benefit from the SDC’s unique coloration expertise
  • Immersive learning taught by global experts
  • SDC training builds skills and colour capability for individuals and organisations
  • Online learning delivered through the SDC’s virtual learning platform


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£60 + VAT

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