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Foundation Textile Coloration Certificate

Course Description

The Foundation Textile Coloration Certificate (FTCC) provides an introduction to the chemistry involved in textile coloration. Learners from diverse educational and experiential backgrounds can take this course and begin to develop the knowledge behind dyeing and textiles. 

This 1 year intermediate course, delivered at level 2 into 3, will equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to embark on the Textile Coloration Certificate (TCC).

The prospectus provides further details of the costs and benefits available to students and employers wishing to take part in this course.

For employers: a method to educate and create the future experts of the coloration industry to ensure that your business and the industry is in safe hands.

For students: a virtual learning platform providing the opportunity to develop specific knowledge and skills. You will have access to the network of members around the world and can build your own peer groups that will be vital in your future careers.

Apply for course commencing October 2020 below at the bottom of the page.

Application deadline: 31st August 2020

Future Textile Dyers Fund – Funding available for UK companies of up to 60%. Fund applied automatically on receipt of an application from a UK company.

Course Covers:
  • Intermediate learning in textile coloration principles and processes introducing the chemistry involved in textile coloration.
  • Online lectures allowing learners to interact with the tutor and fellow learners.
  • 2 modules consisting of 8 and 12 hours' tuition and 32 and 48 hours' guided learning respectively.
  • Day residential sessions to develop practical skills and support learning.
  • The ideal stepping stone to move on to our TCC qualification.

Course Content

F1 Chemistry Related to Textiles

paint image

Module Description

This module provides a platform of knowledge in atomic structure, chemical bonding and scientific methodology as a scaffold on which to build the more specific learning in organic chemistry applied to textile coloration in F2.

Module Content

  • Basic atomic structure and bonding.
  • Chemical reactions – processes and control.
  • Scientific methodology.
  • An introduction to polymer chemistry.

F2 Organic Chemistry Related to Textiles

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Module Description

This module builds on the knowledge gained in F1 in order to promote an understanding of the applied organic chemistry of the textile coloration industry.

Module Content

  • The fundamentals of organic chemistry.
  • The fundamentals of carbonyl chemistry.
  • Fibre and dye structures.
  • The dyeing process at work.


F1 Chemistry Related to Textiles available October 2020 More Info
F2 Organic Chemistry Related to Textiles available January 2021 More Info
Why study this course?

Firmly based in practical experience, this introductory course provides a basic background to the chemistry of textile coloration to expand your knowledge and develop your own learning skills.

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