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CSI – Colour Communication: Group Study

Course Description

This is an introductory level course which facilitates learning about fibres, dyes, and colour communication, designed with all the necessary resources for  delivery to groups of students or employees to further their knowledge about the technical aspects of colour in the supply chain.


SDC’s innovative Colour Scene Investigation workshop lets you learn about fibres, dyes and colour communication. The workshop provides all the necessary resources for individual learning or for delivery to groups of students or employees.

This investigative course will enhance:

  • Communication, decision making and problem-solving skills
  • Understanding of concepts
  • Motivation in academia or the workplace

Included are a session plan, instructions, access to online videos and workbooks covering a range fibres, dyes and techniques to communicate colour through the supply chain.

Who should attend?

If you work with colour in the textile industry then this workshop is relevant to you.

It is available as either:

  • Self-study – all the resources for individual study
  • Group study – for delivery to groups of students or employees. Cost effective learning for groups of people with flexible delivery to suit the availability of your team
  • Facilitated workshop – delivered in-house by one of our facilitators. Coming soon

 Learning outcomes

  • Understand the unique vocabulary of colour communication
  • Identify fibre types, their properties and consequent dyeing processes
  • Evaluate how colour constancy affects the environmental impact of a product in production and end use

 On completion of this course you will able to appreciate the impact design can have on the environment.

Included are a session plan, instructions with additional information, videos and workbooks covering a range fibres and dyes and techniques to communicate colour through the supply chain. It also considers the environmental impact of making the right choices in the design stage of product development and in its end use.

If you are an individual who is keen to to develop their knowledge then take a look at the self learning module .

If you feel you would like to offer this to your employees or students on an individual basis then please follow the link above to the self study module and fill out the application form to discuss availability and price with us.

This course includes a years college or company membership.

The SDC is looking to offer facilitated workshops in the near future. If you are a post grad and doing your PhD and feel you want to have experience of teaching then this might be right for you. The SDC will provide you with the training to deliver these workshops and will then allocate you to deliver these when a college or company choses a facilitated workshop. This would be a paid position and a useful addition to your CV. Contact us for further details.


Course Covers:
  • Colour Communication
  • Identification of fibre types and related dyeing processes.
  • Properties and uses of fibres.
  • Sustainability.
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Why study this course?
  • Benefit from the SDC’s unique coloration expertise
  • Immersive learning taught by global experts
  • SDC training builds skills and colour capability for individuals and organisations
  • Online learning delivered through the SDC’s virtual learning platform


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