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Colour in the Design and the Textile Supply Chain

Course Description

Colour plays a vital part in the products we see around us in many different product groups. When designers make their choices, they are looking to make a strong visual statement, they are looking to be on trend and know that the colour of a product/combination of colours has a major influence on consumer choices. 

Making the correct choices, communicating clearly and efficiently and using the tools and resources available will ensure we are less wasteful and have a lower impact on the environment.

Ensuring you research and understand best practice in this area, use tools that are available and communicate the use of best practice in the supply chain is the responsibility of everyone involved. This course will introduce you to the key areas that will help you to control colour within your supply chain allowing for better communication, improved quality that will no only benefit your business, but will have an impact on a global scale.

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Learning outcomes
  • What trend forecasting is and how it feeds into colour communication in the supply chain.
  • The fundamentals of how we see colour, what influence this has on our choices and procedures in communicating colour
  • Practical aspects of creating colour standards, their role and how best to use them
  • Practical visual assessment of colour. Why we do what we do and what are the benefits
  • Practical instrumental assessment of colour for a global supply chain
  • The positive benefits for the environment, sustainability and the planet in having a robust colour communication policy in place
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