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Colour in Stage and Costume Design – webinar series

Course Description

This webinar looked at the mission of a costume designer in augmenting the actors’ storytelling, and enhancing the audiences understanding of a particular story.  Colour is one of many tools designers use to accomplish this mission.

Colour helps inform an audience of production theme, time setting, geographic location, character status, relationships and personality, as well as guide the audience focus at specific moments in a production.

In this webinar costume designer Julane Sullivan  discussed how colour choices are made to achieve the desired result.


The presentation is followed by a Q&A.

This is one of a series of webinars covering all aspects of textiles and coloration.

Of general interest they also provide SDC recognised CPD hours and certification.


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Course Covers:
  • Understand how colour choices support and enhance the story telling of the playwright and actors.
  • Appreciate how a design team works together to ensure the colour story is in sync between the scenic design, lighting design and costuming.
  • Have an awareness of the psychological effects of colour in a theatre environment, and how colour informs subconsciously of relationship and relations.
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Why study this course?

This webinar provides and opportunity to learn from one of the world’s renowned experts on this topic and gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge.


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£20 + VAT

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