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Colour and Vision – your entry to another world!

Course Description

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This informal and fun course will introduce you to the basics of human vision, the science behind visual illusions and ways of seeing.

Group purchase allows you to allocate seats to those students who have just started their University/ college journey and monitor their progress. These instructions are provided to lead you through the process as a guide.

This course is also available to buy and offers an informal introduction to colour in the design process. It will make you question what you have seen before and hopefully inspire students to learn more.

Ideal for early year degree students where colour plays an important part of their learning journey or indeed anyone where colour is integral to their role.

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge, and that of your students, on colour and the textile supply chain why not take a look at Colour in the design and the textile supply chain

You will find out about
  • Human colour vision
  • The simple science behind visual illusions
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£10 + VAT
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