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Chemical Compliance – webinar series

Course Description

Chemical compliance is a vital part of making the textile industry less environmentally damaging. Minimising the input of harmful chemicals into the supply chain and ensuring that no harmful chemicals are on the final products is good for everyone. It forms the important first step on process and product safety which must then be combined with best practice in the application of dyes and chemicals. Safety and the environment has to be embedded at the beginning of the design and procurement process and led through to the manufacturing process.

Dr Siva Rama Kumar Pariti from Sustex explains the basis behind two systems:

a restricted substance list (RSL) and

a manufacturing restricted substance list (MRSL)

using the AFIRM RSL and the ZDHC MRSL as examples

The presentation is followed by a Q&A.

This is one of a series of webinars covering all aspects of textiles and coloration.

Of general interest they also provide SDC recognised CPD hours and certification.


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Course Covers:
  • 1. The difference between a RSL and a MSRL
  • 2. The key drivers for chemicals to be placed on a list
  • 3. Details on the systems developed by both AFIRM and ZDHC
  • 4. The process behind compliance to both systems.
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This webinar provides an opportunity to learn from one of the world’s renowned experts on this topic and gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge.

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£20 + VAT

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