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Chartered Colourist (CCol)

Course Description

The Chartered Colourist (CCol) is the only professional qualification for colourists worldwide.

The status of Chartered Colourist is an award that demonstrates practical application of academic knowledge. There are no examinations for Chartered Colourist, but candidates must already hold one of the Society’s professional qualifications of Associate or Fellow to be eligible for the award. Ideal for people wanting a distinguished career in the coloration industry.A Chartered Colourist shall:

  1. Be a Fellow or Associate of the Society at the time of application
  2. Have established themselves in an approved occupation in one or more branches of colour science or technology normally for a minimum period of two years
  3. Have submitted his/her application for CCol on the official form obtainable from the Society and be sponsored by at least two appropriate business related referees, at least one of which should be a member of the Society, who are appropriately qualified and experienced
  4. Have satisfied the Trustee Board that he/she has the required status

Members entitled to be designated Chartered Colourist may use the abbreviation CCol. Honorary Fellows may not use the designation CCol unless previously a Fellow at the time of the award.

Professionally active members in possession of Chartered Colourist status shall be required to maintain their status by undertaking a minimum of 30 hours per annum of approved continuing professional development (CPD), a record of which will be retained by the Society and reviewed annually. Members who do not provide this evidence will not be entitled to use the designation CCol.

The Society will maintain a list of Chartered Colourists, both professionally active and retired, and make the list available on the Society’s website and from time to time, in other appropriate publications.

There is no charge for applying for Chartered Colourist.



Why study this course?

Recognised worldwide for over 50 years  being a Chartered Colourist is a sign of an up to date, experienced and qualified coloration professional.

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