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Guide to Making Dyeing Safer

Course Description

One of a series of free short courses designed to help you learn about various aspects of coloration of textiles.

This course provides an overview about the role of all parts of the supply chain in the production of dyed textiles and how you can ensure that your product complies with the various requirements today. A useful starting guide for those who want to make a difference. This is about the future sustianability and environmental impact of the dyeing industry and what is being done within the industry.

Many people will have heard of the need for the textile industry to be better at the chemicals that are used. You may be aware that there are labelling schemes and regulations in place but the word chemicals seems like all this is from a different world. This free short course will give some background and some explanations of some of the terms used as well as providing a guide to where you should be taking your brand in terms of chemical compliance in dyeing.

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Course Covers:
  • What is a dyer's role?
  • Which dyes for which fibres?
  • Expectations and reality of producing a sustainable, environmental product
  • Labelling schemes and regulators - what is currently out there?
  • RSL's and mRSL's - how to achieve chemical compliance whether you are a large or small company
  • Useful guide for designers and specifiers about regulation and legislation
Why study this course?

We all need to ensure that our products have little impact on both the workers in the supply chain and on the people who use our products. This introduction gives a basic guide to the issues and how you can deliver a chemical compliant product.

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