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Colour in the Design and the Textile Supply Chain

Learn how and why colour and its communication in the textile supply chain can have positive benefits for the planet and why everyone should use a colour system from designers through to dyers. Take the assessment and receive your certificate to show your achievement.

Available as a single purchase or group purchase option for employers and colleges/ universities to enroll employees and students and to monitor their progress.

intermediate 8 hours £400 Details

Textile Coloration Science and Technology – Leading to the Textile Coloration Certificate TCC

Develop your dyeing skills by strengthening your understanding of the processes and principles behind the coloration of textiles. Ideal preparation for SDC’s ASDC qualification.

advanced 3 years £6,955 Details

Guide to Making Dyeing Safer

Develop your understanding of the key terms and concepts around dyeing, labelling and legislation to help ensure your products are compliant.

advanced 20 minutes FREE Details

Introduction to Colour Communication

Provides a great introduction to the importance of good colour communication.

advanced 5 minutes FREE Details

ASDC by exemption

Apply for Associateship (ASDC) by exemption – for those with the relevant qualifications and experience.

advanced Application £50 Details

Textile Coloration Science and Technology (level 6), leading to Associateship of the SDC (ASDC)

An essential qualification for professionals keen to progress their career in coloration. Equivalent to an undergraduate degree and leading ultimately to Chartered Colourist (CCol).

advanced Minimum 3 years £12,000 Details

Chartered Colourist (CCol)

Apply for Chartered Colourist status – this recognises those achieving the highest level in the coloration industry and is a sign of an experienced and qualified professional.

advanced Application FREE Details

Fellowship of the SDC (FSDC)

Apply for Fellowship – awarded to those who can demonstrate distinction in the knowledge or practice of colour science.

advanced Application £80 Details