Textile Coloration Certificate (TCC) T4, T5 and T6.

Course Covers:
  • Unique course designed to meet the needs of the dyeing and textile industry
  • Fundamental textile coloration principles and processes
  • Online lectures allow learners to interact with the tutor and fellow learners
  • Day residential sessions develop practical skills and support learning

The Textile Coloration Certificate comprises a total of 6 modules (or on-line lessons) which are delivered in the classroom on a rolling programme over 2 years. TCC 2018 is comprised of:

T4: Coloration Processes II
T5: Colour Physics
T6: Dyeing Theory

Each of these is broken down into a series of shorter topics with individual learning objectives and consolidatory questions. Reflective practice is also required at certain points during the learning process.

Course Content

Lessons Status

T4: Coloration Processes II


T5: Colour Physics


T6: Dyeing Theory