Short Courses

SDC Webinar Series – Dyeing and finishing, the innovation

The fourth webinar in the SDC’s new Sustainability Series, covering the fashion and textile supply chain, focused on the theme of Dyeing and Finishing , the innovation’

Course Covers:
  • The challenges faced by innovators in the light of mass consumption.
  • What is the industry doing to mitigate those challenges
  • How funders, supporters and innovators can support each other to grow and create a sustainable market place.

New innovation in dyeing and finishing is high on the list of topics covered in social media but why are we looking at innovations now, what is available and how are these being brought to market. What are the challenges associated with new technology and should the initial push be for all processors to us optimised techniques to maximise profits and minimise environmental impacts.

Fashion For Good – Jana van Den Bergen Innovation Associate  

Mills Fabrica – Nikita Jayasuriya, General Manager of Europe 

Colorifix – Jim Ajioka, Chief Scientific Officer and Dave Callaghan, Head of Coloration Division 

Alchemie – Thomas Blythe, Director of Business Development

Recording Date 2/11/2022