SDC Webinar Series – Localisation in the textile market – socio economic impact

The fifth webinar in the SDC’s new Sustainability Series, covering the fashion and textile supply chain, focused on the theme of ‘ localisation in the textile marlet, socio economic impact

Course Covers:
  • The role of local enterprise for the future of textile production
  • The importance of support and cultural knowledge within the local textile market
  • How small scale production can make a difference

Textile processing always has socio economic impacts due to is size and where production sits. This session highlighted how small scale local initiatives based around textiles can make a difference and be part of the change for good to counterbalance the negative aspects of textiles often portrayed in the media. What role will localisation have in the future of textiles? 

Sam Erahapola – Chairman National crafts council of Sri Lanka

Rashmi Bharti – Avani

Nawshin Khair Creative Director, Aranya

Recording date 3/11/22