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SDC Webinar – New Technology Series – Colorifix

The SDC Webinar Series.

Dave Callaghan

Dave Callaghan is the Head of the Coloration Team and dyehouse manager and is responsible for the set-up and management of the Colorifix Cambridge site. The textile industry has been his lifetime vocation and this has taken him to many different countries around the world.

Course Covers:
  • Gain insight into an alternative colouration process that can reduce the textile industry’s negative impact on the planet
  • Learn how the reliance on the petro-chemical industry can be reduced by colours biologically produced in micro-organisms fuelled by simple sugars, yeast and plant by-products. See how this approach can be integrated into the existing dyehouse structure.

The SDC Webinar Series


Dave Callaghan

Recording Date: 07 December 2021

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