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SDC Webinar – New Technology Series – Alchemie

The SDC Webinar Series.

Dr Simon Kew

Dr Simon Kew, Managing Director, leads Technology and Business Development at Alchemie Technology.  He has over 17 years of experience in new product and process innovation applied to chemistry-enabled products. Working across industries, including consumer goods, foodstuffs, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, he has been responsible for delivering new products and process innovation programs worldwide including EU, US, Americas, and Asia. He specialises in the delivery of innovation using digital manufacturing technologies including inkjet printing and additive manufacturing technologies. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and is a named inventor on 15+ patents.

Course Covers:
  • Develop an understanding of how digital dyeing and finishing technologies can deliver a dramatic improvement in sustainability
  • Understand how Alchemie’s digital dyeing can eliminate contaminated wastewater emissions and reduce energy consumption
  • Understand how the technology can reduce the quantity of chemistry applied from the outset.

The SDC Webinar Series


Dr Simon Kew

Recording Date: 23 November 2021

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