SDC Governance Training

This course covers:

  • The legal structure and status of the SDC
    • The SDC Objects and Powers
  • Charity trustees; their role, remit & behaviour
  • Legal duties and responsibilities of trustees
    • Duties
    • Standard of skill
    • Standard of care
    • Duty to safeguard property
    • Duty to invest
    • Duty to not profit personally
  • Conflicts of interest, duty or loyalty
  • Duty to act personally without delegation
  • Collective decision making and responsibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Statutory duties
  • Good safeguarding governance
  • Six key duties of trustees: The Trustee Shield
  • Trustees ultimate responsibilities
Course Covers:
  • Charity Governance
  • Legal duties and guidance in the context of the SDC
  • Essential knowledge for trustees, honorary officers and committee chairs within the SDC
  • A short multiple choice quiz at the end of each lesson which leads to a course certificate at the end

The SDC has provided Governance training each year for some time now.  In recent years the delivery has been undertaken by Catherine Rustomji, a leading Charity Lawyer in the UK with Browne Jacobson who has a very wide experience of charities and Chartered Bodies.

The delivery of the training always raised problems in attempting to find a time that current and prospective trustees, Honorary Officers, Chairs of Committees and SDC Staff can attend.  Hence in 2020 we decided to take a leaf out of our own training book and deliver this training online, so people can easily learn when it is convenient to them and their diary, plus recap as required.

Catherine Rusomji of Browne Jacobson delivers the presentations with SDC Honorary Secretary Stuart Wilkinson, SDC Chair Geoff Rudkin and SDC Chief Executive Graham Clayton, asking questions.

The structure of the sessions covers charity governance, taking into account Chartered Status and is very much applied to the SDC situation.