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The SDC Webinar Series.

Elisa Palomino-Perez

Elisa Palomino is a fashion designer and researcher examining the material practices of fishskin ethnographic objects in natural history collections, as cultural and ecological resources in the context of contemporary sustainable fashion. She holds an MA in Fashion design from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts and she is a Research Associate in the Department of Fashion at Central Saint Martins.

Annabel Le Gall 

Annabel Le Gall (born in Paris) started her higher education at ESAA Boulle ( Ecole Nationale des Arts Appliqués aux Industries de l’Ameublement) studying Upholstery and Furniture design. She graduated with honors in 2016. Annabel entered Heriot Watt University in 2016 to follow a Bachelor with Honors of Arts in Design for textile. She challenged herself to complete her Honors degree focusing her creativity and her interest in innovation on a project specialised in woven textile. She then decided to continue her researches with a Postgraduate Master in Fashion and Textile Design. Today she is working for Chanel group at Barrie Knitwear factory in the Scottish Borders as Quality Manager Assistant.

Course Covers:
  • Understanding how fish skin is used as a renewed material for fashion
  • How Learning from Indigenous communities ancient processes and knowledge can forward our understanding
  • Understanding about vernacular and eco responsible design
  • An exploration the wool sector in Scotland/Uk
  • Investigation into organic dyeing on wool
  • Learning about hand weaving and the jacquard process

The SDC Webinar Series


Elisa Palomino-Perez and Annabel Le Gall 

Recording Date: 18 January 2022