Colour Scene Investigation: Colour Communication: Group Study

Course Covers:
  • Describing colours using the terms hue, value and chroma.
  • Identifying fibres, their properties and the dyes / dyeing processes required.
  • Evaluation of the environmental impact of product coloration in production and end use.

Describing colour is extremely difficult, if you have ever tried to accurately describe a colour to someone then you will know just how difficult it is.

Clear and accurate colour communication is essential within the colour using industries so we need an effective way of describing colours. Most systems agree on three attributes of colour, but the names for these attributes vary from one industry to the next. The most recognised method for describing colour is the Munsell system which uses the terms hue, value and chroma.

This workshop is tailored to make you think about your designs in the context of how to promote colour constancy in a chosen product.






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