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Chemical Compliance – Webinar

The SDC Webinar Series

Speaker; Dr Siva Rama Kumar Pariti – Senior Technical Marketing Officer at Sustainable Textiles Solutions (STS) an independent division of Bluwin Limited.

Before joining STS Dr Pariti worked as Chief Operating Officer of the SDC based in India. He holds a BSc (Tech) MSc (Tech), and PhD (Tech) from ICT formerly known as UDCT in the field of Intermediates and Dyestuff Technology Division.

In 2001 he was awarded a Silver Medal from the SDC for his outstanding contribution to the coloration industry in India.

Recording Date: Tuesday 9th June 2020

Course Covers:
  • The difference between a RSL and a MSRL
  • The key drivers for chemicals to be placed on a list
  • Details on the systems developed by both AFIRM and ZDHC
  • The process behind compliance to both systems

Course Content